SLICE-DCC Dual-Channel Current Source

SLICE-DCC Dual-Channel Current Controller low-noise current source with megahertz modulation bandwidth

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The SLICE-DCC is a compact, efficient cw current controller for driving diode, interband, and quantum cascade lasers as well as semiconductor optical amplifiers and tapered amplifiers. Part of the Vescent SLICE series of high-performance, economical photonic control electronics, SLICE-DCC offers two channels of low-noise current control. Proprietary self-adjusting power supply technology automatically sets the compliance voltage to as high as 12 V – but no higher than necessary to drive your load – allowing you to drive a traditional diode or a quantum cascade laser with the same device and the same efficiency. The two channels operate independently – including the automatic compliance voltage. The SLICE-DCC includes all the features you expect from your current controller, including high modulation bandwidth, power leveling, interlocking, and current limiting & diode protection circuits. Not to mention ease of use through a touch screen, PC-based GUI, or an API command set. The unique switching power supply design accepts all standard AC mains voltages and is highly efficient but is also low noise without linear power technology.


  • Two independent channels
  • Low noise
  • High modulation bandwidth
  • Automatically adjusting compliance voltage to 12 V
  • Touch screen control
  • Host GUI & API
  • Current limit
  • Interlock other devices based on temperature control fidelity



Number of Channels 2
Operation Modes Constant Current or Constant Power
Maximum Compliance Voltage 12 V

Current Maxima

SLICE-DCC-200 200 mA
SLICE-DCC-500 500 mA

1000 mA


2000 mA