Vescent has been awarded a $250k PH I SBIR to commence the development of a stand-alone, multi-axis, compact portable quantum accelerometer.  By enabling inertial navigation systems, this accelerometer will help mitigate the threat to GPS-based positioning which can be easily jammed or spoofed.  This threat extends to the real possibility of complete incapacitation or even destruction of the satellites upon which GPS depends by a hostile actor.  Even in peacetime, GPS signals are not available underground and undersea.  

To date the size, weight, and power of prototype quantum accelerometrs, along with their fragility preclude true field usage of this technology.  The so-called MAGIS program (Multi-axis Atom-interferometer Grating-chip Inertial Sensors) will culminate at PH III in real, field-deployble hardware. The MAGIS approach is based on a light-pulse atom interferometer activated by second genration compact, environmentally robust, frequency agile laser systems designed and built by Vescent.  

This program will be executed in collaboration with Sandia National Labs.  SNL will provide the physics package.

Vescent awarded $1.25M Direct-to-Phase II SBIR

Vescent has been awarded a $1.25M Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the Air Force (AFRL, WPAFB) to develop a fully stabilized, multi-gigahertz-repetition rate optical frequency comb (OFC). 


Octave Photonics COSMO and Vescent SLICE-OPL lock ƒCEO of Menhir Laser

We demonstrates a simple method for building a compact and reliable frequency comb at GHz repetition rates. The Octave Photonics COSMO detects ƒCEO of a Menhir Photonics laser. A Vescent Photonics SLICE-OPL controller provides feedback to the oscillator and establishes a tight lock. 


Vescent develops and manufactures novel electro-optic and laser technologies.  We offer frequency-stabilized diode laser systems, precision control electronics, accessory electro-optic modules, and now mode-locked lasers and frequency combs.

Our scientists and engineers are continuously developing cutting-edge solutions to technical challenges.  We are adding to our SLICE line of control electronics that includes the unique SLICE-QTC four-channel temperature controller and the SLICE-DHV high-bandwidth high-voltage amplifier.

The family of Vescent frequency comb products is growing.  The turnkey FFC-100 and Modular FFC-CM series is now joined by the capability to lock ƒopt to visible and NIR wavelength comb teeth.  Through frequency conversion techniques, we have generated lockable comb teeth down to 650 nm.

Upcoming Presentations and Exhibits



Vescent Contribution


22, 23 June

Denver Convention Center

Vescent Facility Tour

Vescent will offer a tour of our facility.  Come see photonic sausage in the making. Register here.  Space is limited.

QED-C Plenary Meeting

13-16 June

Quantum 2.0

Lasers for Deployed Optical Atomic Clocks (QTh3B.6)

-presented by Dr. Kevin Knabe

16 June at 3 pm

30 May to 3 June

Rosen Center Hotel

Orlando, FL

Product exhibition

17-19 May

San Jose Convention Center

San Jose, CA

Dr. Kevin Knabe (Director of Vescent R&D): "Next-Generation Quantum Sensors Based on Deployable Optical Frequency Comb Technology" on Monday afternoon.

Dr. Henry Timmers (Vescent Senior Scientist): "An Environmentally Robust Visible Optical Clockwork Capable of Supporting Instabilities Below 1x10-17" in session SF2K.6 on Friday, 20 May at 9:30 am. It will definitely be worth hanging around for.

10-12 May

San Diego Convention Center

San Diego, CA

Scott Davis, CEO of Vescent, will be panelist on Quantum Computing

New Laser & Laser Control Products