Mike H. Anderson Ph.D., CEO and Founder:

Dr. Anderson has expertise in liquid-crystal devices, diode-lasers and laser stabilization, and electronics and electro-optics. He has designed and built numerous external cavity diode lasers, which he has used for spectroscopic studies and research in the trapping and cooling of neutral atoms. Notably, he was first author on  Observation of Bose-Einstein Condensation in Dilute Atomic Vapor published in the journal Science, July 1995. He has three patents issued and fourteen pending.

Scott R. Davis Ph.D., Vice President of Technology and Founder:

Dr. Davis has extensive experience with liquid crystal (LC) device physics, molecular and laser spectroscopy, precision metrology, and laser stabilization. While working at NIST in Gaithersburg and JILA in Colorado he acquired skills in lasers stabilization, optical frequency metrology, and molecular spectroscopy. At Vescent Dr. Davis is developing a range of LC-waveguide based devices.  He has  fourteen patents pending and/or issued.  Prior to starting Vescent Photonics, Dr. Davis worked in industry as an optical engineer, served as an NRC postdoc, and obtained his Ph.D. from JILA.

Dr. Davis joined ADI in 2016 to develop commercial applications for Liquid Crystal Waveguide technology.

Scott D. Rommel, Vice President of Operations and Founder:

Mr. Rommel has over ten years of experience in LC-optic design and LC-device manufacturing, and over fifteen years of experience in general optical assembly. He has designed and built ellipsometers for wavelength metrology and quality control in the manufacture of precision polarization optics, and he was the project lead for a liquid-crystal polarimeter and microelectronic controller. As a co-founder of Vescent Mr. Rommel has developed micro-photonic and LC-waveguide test and assembly protocols.

Mr. Rommel joined ADI in 2016 to develop commercial applications for Liquid Crystal Waveguide technology.