Meet our Fiber Frequency Comb, FFC-100!

A rugged, compact, all-fiber frequency comb, designed and built to provide frequency stability transferable to the SWIR, NIR, visible, and RF spectra.

Fully stabilizable, with fractional Modified Allan Deviation below 10-22, the FFC-100 serves PNT, low-phase noise microwave, field sensing, and quantum security & computing applications in the lab and in the field.

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Transferring the Long-Term Stability of a GPS-Disciplined OCXO to Vescent’s FFC-100 Optical Frequency Comb by Repetition Rate Locking

We demonstrate a straightforward method of locking Vescent’s fiber frequency comb (FFC-100) repetition rate to any user-supplied RF oscillator.
To demonstrate the power of this technique, we lock the FFC-100 to an SRS FS740 GPS-disciplined oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) and show that the superb long-term frequency stability of the SRS FS740 is transferred faithfully to the frequency comb modes while retaining the short-term stability characteristic of the free-running comb tooth linewidths.

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Integrated f(CEO) Phase Noise of 280 mrad RMS in a SESAM-based Frequency Comb Supporting a Fractional Frequency Instability of 1.3x10^(-17) at 1 s


Vescent presents our latest generation SESAM mode-locked Er:fiber frequency combs exhibiting a dramatically reduced phase noise in the carrier-envelope offset frequency (fceo) without sacrificing on environmental ruggedness and industry-leading compactness associated with our previous generation SESAM-based frequency combs.

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Vescent – Leading Laser Manufacturer and Developer of Precision Laser and Electro-optic Technologies

Vescent is a developer and manufacturer of novel electro-optic and precision laser technologies. Vescent offers frequency-stabilized narrow linewidth diode laser systems, precision control electronics, accessory electro-optic modules, mode-locked lasers and frequency combs.

Our scientists and engineers are continuously developing cutting-edge design solutions to laser manufacturing technical challenges.  We are adding to our SLICE line of laser control electronics that includes the unique SLICE-QTC four-channel temperature controller for lasers and electro-optics and the SLICE-DHV high-bandwidth PZT controller and high-voltage amplifier.

The family of Vescent frequency comb products is growing.  The turnkey FFC-100 and Modular FFC-CM series is now joined by the capability to lock optical frequency ƒopt to visible and near infrared (NIR) wavelength comb teeth from 650 to 1600 nm and beyond.  Through non-linear frequency conversion techniques, we have generated lockable comb teeth down to 650 nm.

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