Laser Temperature Controllers

Laser Temperature Controllers

Our precision laser temperature controllers are designed for stability to be used with diode lasers, photonic integrated circuits, oscillators, non-linear crystals, LED drivers, and astronomical interferometers.

Precision laser temperature controllers help maintain output power and wavelength essential to accurate measurement as well as prevent and prevent overheating that can damage or reduce the longevity of laser and photonic equipment. Laser temperature stability is crucial for consistent process results and to minimize measurement errors caused by thermal expansion or wavelength variations.

PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) laser temperature control disciplines your lasers and associated photonics tools using a control loop feedback mechanism to control process variables ensuring stability and optimal performance.

Our laser temperature controllers are designed to control both thermoelectric coolers (TEC) and heating elements and offer low-noise current source with high modulation bandwidth. The ultra-low current noise offered by our D2 105 Laser Controller is ideally suited for precision spectroscopy and metrology applications.

Our precision laser temperature controllers are employed to maintain stable and controlled temperatures for experimental setups involving lasers. This is crucial for delivering the highest quality measurements, reproducible results, and maintaining the stability of laser parameters.


Our Slice-QTC (link) Four Channel Laser Temperature Controller specification:-


  • Four independent channels
  • Configurable PID loop filters
  • Sub-millikelvin stability
  • Touch screen control
  • Host GUI & API
  • 40 W of user-assignable control power
  • 6 A/channel
  • 18 V compliance
  • TEC or resistive heaters
  • External control of set point
  • Interlock other devices based on temperature controller fidelity

Common applications of the Slice-QTC Laser Temperature Controller includes:


  • Diode & quantum cascade lasers
  • Semiconductor amplifiers & tapered amplifiers
  • Photonic integrated circuits (PICs)
  • Nonlinear & photonic crystals
  • Optical cavities, gas cells, and interferometers
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