Presentations, Papers, & Posters

Poster: “Technology for Next Generation Clocks
-Kevin Knabe, et al.  Vescent Photonics
Advances in miniature lasers, frequency combs, and drive & stabilization electronics were presented at the Jin Fest! celebration of Deborah Jin’s career in and contributions to the field of optical physics.

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Paper: “Production of Rubidium Bose-Einstein Condensates at a 1 Hz Rate
-Daniel M. Farkas, Evan A. Salim, and Jaime Ramirez-Serrano

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Presentation: “Miniature, Compact Laser System for Ultracold Atom Sensors”
Juan Pino, Ben Luey, Mike Anderson

Friday 14 June 2013 at 11:15 am, Room 212 A-C.

Abstract: “We present a butterfly packaged laser source that is both frequency-agile and absolutely referenced to an atomic transition for ultracold-atomic sensors. We also present the entire laser system, roughly the size of a paperback novel.” Juan Pino, Ben Luey, Mike Anderson

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Division of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics (DAMOP), June 2013, Quebec City, Quebec

Poster: “Laser system 2013 v1 on Tuesday 4 June from 4-6 pm in room 400A.


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Defense, Security, & Sensing, May 2013, Baltimore, MD

Presentation: “Next-generation photonic true time delay devices as enabled by
a new electro-optic architectureScott R. Davis, Seth T. Johnson, Scott D. Rommel, Neil A. Rebolledo, Michael H. Anderson, Vescent Photonics Inc.

Presentation: “New electro-optic laser scanners for small-sat to ground laser communication links” Scott R. Davis, Scott D. Rommel, Seth T. Johnson, Stephanie M. McMahon, Neil A. Rebolledo, Michael H. Anderson, Vescent Photonics Inc.; Yijiang Chen, Tien-Hsin Chao, Jet Propulsion Lab.

Presentation: “New electro-optic laser scanner designed for continuous coverage over a 120 x 120 degree field of regard” Scott R. Davis, Scott D. Rommel, Seth T. Johnson, Neil A. Rebolledo, Stephanie M. McMahon, Michael H. Anderson, Vescent Photonics Inc.; Jason M. Auxier, U.S. Naval Research Lab.

Presentation: “Miniature, compact laser system for ultracold atom sensorsJuan M. Pino, Mike A. Anderson, Benjamin Luey, Vescent Photonics Inc.