SLICE-DLC Dual-Channel Laser Controller

SLICE-DLC is a super-low-noise dual-channel laser controller.

The SLICE-DLC is a dual-channel precision diode laser controller. Each channel offers an ultra-low-noise current source and two temperature control loops. With a current noise density <100 pA/√Hz, the SLICE-DLC has the lowest noise of any commercially available laser controller. This noise performance is ideally suited to precision spectroscopy and metrology applications. The two-stage design of temperature control provides sub-millikelvin stability of the diode resulting in minimum frequency fluctuations and drift.

A current servo input enables high-speed (≥10 MHz) control of the laser frequency. High-speed modulation is enabled by an RF input. This enables the user to easily write sidebands onto the laser via injection current, which facilitates a PDH-style peak lock without the use of expensive lock-in amplifiers and modulators.

The SLICE-DLC employs our proprietary hybrid switching/linear power supply technology and delivers the best of both worlds: acceptance of the full range of AC line voltages for power input and unsurpassed current noise performance.

Low noise, high-speed modulation, two stages of temperature control – all without an expensive, heavy, power-hungry linear power supply. The SLICE-DLC enables the highest performance from your diode laser.



  • Two channels of current control each with two channels of temperature control
  • Lowest-noise laser controller commercially available
  • Automatic LIV Curve Capture
  • Sub-millikelvin temperature stability with properly designed plant
  • Hybrid switching/linear power supply accepts all AC line voltages
  • High-speed servo and RF inputs
  • Current limit and safe turn-on
  • High servo and modulation bandwidths