FFC-CM Frequency Comb Optical Module

FFC-CM optical module for octave-spanning, fully stabilized fiber frequency comb

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The FFC-CM incorporates all the requisite optical elements to build a fully stabilized octave-spanning frequency comb: a temperature-stabilized oscillator, amplifier, supercontinuum generation, and 1ƒ-to-2ƒ interferometer, as well as high-bandwidth repetition rate control.  Pair it with diode pumping and servo electronics for stable, low-phase noise operation with Allan Deviations supporting the next generation of optical atomic clocks.

Compact dimensions, low power consumption, and a robust design ready the FFC-CM to deploy in the field.  The simple oscillator mode locks at startup every time and the innovative passive SESAM mode-locker is specially designed for a robust, long life.  Our unique oscillator design also makes it easy to precisely factory match the repetition rate of two (or more) combs for multi-comb spectroscopy experiments.



  • Low-SWaP module
  • 1,560 nm center wavelength
  • >30 mW in supercontinuum
  • Self-referenced 1ƒ-to-2ƒ lock of ƒCEO
  • Low phase noise
  • ƒrep monitoring, control, and matching
  • Input port for ƒopt
  • Repetition rates from 80 MHz to 250 MHz
  • Optically stabilize at wavelengths between 1,540 nm and 1,580 nm or at 778 nm
    • Inquire for other wavelengths
  • Made in America


  • Optical clocks
  • Optical frequency synthesis (i.e. optically reference all lasers together)
  • Dual comb spectroscopy
  • Low-phase noise microwave generation
  • Electro-optic sampling
  • Mid-infrared frequency comb generation
  • Quantum sensing, computing, & cryptography


US Patent 11,462,881


The FFC-CM is 100% made in the USA





Optical Inputs

Oscillator Pump, Amplifier 1 Pump, Amplifier 2 Pump, cw Laser Ine

PM fiber at 1,550 and 980 nm with LC/APC connectors, key aligned to slow axis

Optical Outputs

Supercontinuum and Oscillator

LC/APC PM fiber at 1,550 nm, key aligned to slow axis

Interface Topology



Repetion Rate Control

PZT Modulation Control 0.3 - 1 ppm Depends on repetition rate
PZT Control bandwidth >200 kHz  
Temperature Control Range ±10 kHz 15-50°C
Open-loop Repetition Rate Stability <1 ppm/°C Relative to room temperature

Oscillator Performance

Center Wavelength 1,560 ± 10 nm  
Nominal Repetition Rate 80, 100, 200, 250 MHz Can be tuned to nominal rep rate within a few °C of ambient
Oscillator Monitor Output Power

250 µW

Bandwidth >10 nm  
Pump Power Modulation Bandwidth >1 MHz Actual bandwidth limited to ~30 kHz by Erbium-doped fiber
Polarization Exxtinction Ration >20 dB  

Supercontinuum Performance

Bandwidth 1,000 - 2,200 nm  
Average Power 30 mW  

Wavelength Extension

Available Wavelengths 650 - 1,000 nm In ~10 nm blocks.  Enquire for further wavelength coverage.

Monitor Outputs

SNR >50 dB  
RF Bandwidth >500 MHz  
RF Power > -10 dBm  
SNR >40 dB  
RF Bandwidth >50 MHz  
RF Power > -40 dBm  
SNR >35 dB  
RF Bandwidth >50 MHz  
RF Power > -40 dBm  

Physical Properties

Power In

+5, ±15 VDC

Power Consumption <5 W  

7.8 x 6.9 x 2.1"

<1.9 litres


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