FFC-PDM Pump Diode Module

PDM Pump Diode Module for frequency combs, mode-locked lasers, and amplifiers

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Pump Diode Module for pumping mode-locked Er:doped fiber oscillators and EDFAs in the FFC-CM frequency comb optical module and other Vescent fiber products.  This board-level device will drive any combination of up to four oscillator and amplifier pump diodes.  Low current noise is combined with temperature control and low power consumption to yield an ideal pump control system for development of a deployed optical frequency comb.

User to supply +5, ±15 VDC, a thermal reservoir for product baseplate and low-vibration air circulation (fan).




Number of Bays 4 The FFC-CM-1560 requires 2 pump diodes.  The FFC-CM-778 requires 3.
Maximum Current 1,500 mA Per channel
Modulation Bandwidth >30 kHz note 1
Power Consumption <10 W With 2 pump diodes
Power Requirements

1.5 A at +5 V

0.15 A at +15 VDC

0.115 A at -15 VDC

Dimensions 8.9 x 3.7 x 3.2"  
Volume < 2 L  
Heat Management

Forced air

20 cfm

User-supplied fan.    

Care shouldbe taken to isolate the FFC-CM optics module from fan vibrations.

Heat sink baseplate must be in thermal contact with heat reservoir


All specifications subject to change.

1Limited in practive by Er response time