FFC-PDM Pump Diode Module

PDM Pump Diode Module 

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Pump Diode Module for pumping mode-locked oscillator and EDFAs of FFC-CM frequency comb optical module.  Up to four pump diodes in a single module.




Number of Bays 4 The FFC-CM-1560 requires 2 pump diodes.  The FFC-CM-778 requires 3.
Maximum Current 1,500 mA Per channel
Noise TBD nA rms, TBD kHz to TBD MHz
Power Consumption <10 W With 2 pump diodes
Power Requirements

1.5 A at +5 V

0.15 A at +15 VDC

0.115 A at -15 VDC

Dimensions 8.9 x 3.7 x 3.2"  
Volume < 2 L  
Heat Management

Forced air

20 cfm

User-supplied fan.    

Care shouldbe taken to isolate the FFC-CM optics module from fan vibrations.

Heat sink baseplate must be in thermal contact with heat reservoir