SLICE-OPL Offset Phase Lock Servo

SLICE-OPL is a single-channel offset phase lock servo that phase locks from 10 MHz to 9.3 GHz.


The SLICE-OPL Offset Phase Lock Servo (OPLS) is designed to precisely control and quickly adjust the frequency detuning between a master and a follower laser. The SLICE-OPL forms a complete offset lock system when combined with the D2-250 Heterodyne Module and D2-260 Beat Note Detector. The D2-250 overlaps the free-space master & follower lasers to generate the optical beat note. It then launches the beat note into a fiber for delivery to the D2-260 where it is down-converted to the RF and then delivered to the SLICE-OPL for processing.

The SLICE-OPL is also designed for stabilizing frequency combs. With the ability to process beat notes as small as 10 MHz, the SLICE-OPL will tightly lock ƒCEO and ƒopt or ƒrep of the FFC-100 series of frequency combs as well as 3rd-party combs. The SLICE-OPL has a built-in touchscreen GUO with the ability to display and manipulate the error signal and engage the lock. No oscilloscope is required to initiate and monitor the lock.


  • Offset Phase Locks from 10 MHz to 9.3 GHz

  • Touch screen GUI

  • No oscilloscope is required to operate!

  • Precisely control follower laser frequency while remaining referenced to the primary standard

  • Tightly lock ƒCEO and ƒopt or ƒrep for frequency comb stabilization

  • User-adjustable servo parameters

  • Internal ramp generator

  • Fast frequency jumps with feed-forward

  • Offset frequency stability determined by reference stability