Heterodyne Agile Laser - HAL

The Heterodyne Agile Laser (HAL) miniturized Rb laser system

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The Heterodyne Agile Laser system consists of a master and a slave laser at 780.24 nm integrated into a single butterfly package.  The master is locked to a Doppler-free hyperfine transition of Rb for long-term stability. The slave is offset phase locked to the master to provide rapid frequency agility.  The optics package, which is <30 cm3, can be driven and controlled with your electronics or it can be integrated into our low-SWaP electronics package (<550 cm3 and <20 W).  With Vescent electronics, you can control they HAL system with a simple API of serial commands.

The HAL provides fast tuning (~100 µs for 5 GHz) but remains atomically referenced.

The HAL series of low-SWaP, atom-referenced, frequency-agile lasers integrates diode laser sources, an alkali metal vapor-based frequency standard, and a heterodyne beat note collection system into a single butterfly package to deliver highly stable tunable light to your quantum sensing devices. Well known for high-speed, low-noise control electronics as well, we provide stand-alone or integrated electronics configurations that will optimize your system with respect to optical performance, space, power consumption, and thermal management requirements. It is possible to customize the HAL for your specific needs, including single- or multiple-laser designs, amplified and shuttered systems, specific form factors, and other wavelengths.


  • Compact size
  • Dual laser system
  • Master referenced to Rb transition
  • Fast frequency agility with offset phase locked slave
  • Low SWaP
    • <0.55 l and <20 W


  • Deployable in small quantun sensors
  • Precise control of atom system
  • High stability 

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