ICE-QT1 Four-channel Temperature Controller

ICE-QT1 four-channel temperature controller board for ICE system

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  • 4 Temperature loops per board
  • Sub-millikelvin stability (with D2-100 plant)
  • High-resolution set point adjustment
  • TEC or heater control

ICE (Integrated Control Electronics) is a compact suite of digitally controlled electronics that will precisely drive and stabilize our D2-100 DBR lasers and an associated array of photonics tools. It will simplify your experimental design and reduce SWaP while still providing the same high performance we offer in our D2 modular units.

Four temperature loops for controlling either four single-stage lasers or two two-stage lasers such as our D2-100 Distributed Bragg Grating Lasers. Set and forget ease of use, but user can program and query relevant operating parameters, including temperature set point, temperature error, loop gain, control current, and more.

General Specifications
Parameter Value
Channels of Temperature Control 4
Temperature Set-Point Range +15 to + 50°C
Loop Transfer Funciton PID
Compatible Sensor 10 kΩ thermistor
PI Time Constant ~5 s (fixed)
D Time Constant ~1.5 s (fixed)
Temperature Stability ±0.1 mK over 1 hour
Precision 10 bit (~0.05°C)
Capacity >1 A at 4 V
Connector Type 6-pin Hirose (2 loops/connector)



ICE Flyer (PDF)
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